To schedule a consultation with Bohdan Zachariasevych, contact the office at 856-362-4084 (voice or text). The cost of a Family Law consultation: $200.00; Family Mediation consultation: $100.00; Medicaid Counseling: $100. A separate fee for representation or counseling will be quoted at the consultation. All consultation fees are payable at the time of your consultation.

  Child Support or Custody

If you have filed for Child Support or Custody with a pro se application at the Courthouse, or if you have been served with Notice of Hearing from a pro se application, you can expect to pay a $500 Retainer for representation (in addition to the $200 consultation fee). The legal service fee is $250/hr. and most matters are adjudicated in that time. If a matter is more complex or a plenary hearing is scheduled, the cost can exceed $1,500 because of the additional time involved.

  Family Mediation

If you are considering Family Mediation, the cost of the consultation is $100. Mediation services are provided at a rate of $250/hr.. Depending on the complexity of the matter, you can expect an agreement on paper, ready for attorney review, in as little as five hours of mediation time. Please click on our Family Mediation page for details.

  Matrimonial or Dissolution Settlement Agreement

If you have an agreement, or believe that you have reached an agreement, I offer to prepare a comprehensive Matrimonial or DIssolution Settlement Agreement for a flat fee of $1000. The cost to "put through" a divorce once an agreement has been reached is approximately $1,500. The Initial Retainer for a simple contested divorce or dissolution of domestic partnership is $3,500. Representation in Domestic Violence matters (plaintiff or defendant) is a flat fee of $1,000.

  Medicaid Counseling

For Medicaid Counseling, the cost of a consultation is $100. I offer to prepare and implement a Medicaid Asset Preservation plan (including preparing and filing the Long-Term Medicaid application) at a rate of $200/hr. I also offer a Medicaid Eligibility pre-application Review for a flat $1,000 fee. The bottom line is that, in most cases, an asset spend-down for Medicaid eligibility is a last resort and a Medicaid Asset Preservation plan can save significantly more than the associated legal fee.